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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  April 24, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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today. even though it might not have been b the candidate he wanted. >> and tech, too. apple, again, up almost 1% despite these reports of possible delays and the iphone, which is the whole ball game. >> you missed some earnings last week, but came back for more. thursday night is zboing to be a crazy night for tech. over to headquarter, melissa and the half. welcome to half. top trade this hour is the french election enough to lift stocks to the next leg of this rally? we are up across the board. nasdaq hit ago new all-time high. 17 points within the 6,000 mark. today's trader rs joe, steve, jim, josh, rob, also one of barren's top 100 financial advisers. also here is altu. risk off rally on. >> hello.
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>> hello. is this the right reaction? >> last thursday, cyclicals began to rally. we questioned whether it was the time to make that rotational call. so far, the bond proxies, consumer staples, utilities, they're outperforming the cyclicly oriented type names. you come in this morning, you question whether you want to get back where you have the exposure to the cyclicals. i've stayed with financials. i think that's the right play. then the other question is what do you do with global cyclicals, which have far outperformed domestic. is there more runway there? do global cyclicals continue to outperform? that's the question. >> what is your answer? >> the answer to that for me is don't leave the financials. the financials remain the biggest source of opportunity, both on a valuation basis on opportunity to drive earnings growth. to me, that's the one i stay with. there are others that i think are suspicious and questionable.
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>>. >> i like joe's calls on cyclicals. there's a big question we just don't know the answer to. the trump agenda. what's going to happen with taxes, infrastructure spending. if those go right, it's going to be b great. as for financials, too. is a how hum piece of news. we're still right in the middle of the range we've been stuck in seems like the beginning of the year and here, we're coming to the end of april. the only thing i think is really going to propel the stock market out of this range is a reinvig ration of the trump sxwre. >> if we are b to believe what happened in france over the weekend, we also believe there are no other risk fakih factors when it comes to the domestic agenda. i don't think many people would bayuy into that. as we are awaiting details of a tax plan. >> that's just one thing in a long list of worries, when you
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have a grinding market moving sideways that investors focus on. as we pivot away from two fundamentals, i think you're going to see markets advance in a broad-based way. i think today's rally is really because pollsters got it right. they missed brexit, the u.s. election and now, we're in an environment where they called this right and we would assign a 75% probability that you know, the election plays out in france exactly the way pollsters are see iing it play out. the rally we will see from here is going to be earnings based. i fully expect earnings are going to be up 12% in q1. the highest in six years. and i agree with joe that some of the cyclical sector of the market can do really well. i was on the joe last time, i said buy the financials on the dip. that turned out to be a reasonably good trade. having a massive rally in financials today. if you look at the areas that
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lag, the temperature has been up. it's energy. i think you can start to pivot towards energy and say if this recover is for real, if it's fundamentally for real, what's lagged and where can we play catch up? >> i have a 74% probability, so we're close. >> precise. >> what's up? >> hey, what's up? >> here's what i want to say. the biggest story in the world right now is country world european stocks, we are seeing multiyear highs in some cases. in other case, all time highs and i'm going to say something controversial. might want to jump all over me. >> i hope so. >> the market would have done exactly what it's going doipg right now, the poll, if the election went the other way. because we don't care. we're buying. all of these charts were up into the right and what we like is
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when these events are in the rear-view mirror. what the actual event is is almost secondary. if they elected an emperor and he declared himself king for life, that would have been good. >> if le pen out in front. >> and here's why i think that. let me back that up. so, brexit was supposed to be b negative. new high in the footsy almost immediate ly after. trump was supposed to be b worst thing that happened. then they pivoted. they said, oh, wait, actually, trump's not so bad for the u.s. stock market because tax cuts and all this stuff, the spending. none which has happened, but fine. but global stock, forget u.s. policy. forget the trump trade. trump agenda, whatever. global stocks have been ripping since last summer, the end of that brexit election was like a green flag, a checkered flag and tell you something else, risk and reward are related. so all this talk last week by
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protection, there's going to be volatility, yes, but risk and reward are related. we understand that the market positions for these thing, you are not the only person that read the newspaper. ufn is up 48% from the brexit lows last year. the market already understands these elections are going to their course. some will go like netherlands and france, but these are going higher. >> you've had years of free money, so of course the economy is improving globally. it was bound to happen. it took longer than anybody anticipated. but it was bound to happen. i don't think, i'll tis agree with rob b, i don't think you buy energy because the energy belt is flush with cash, they never blue uew up. you had more free money coming in there and bowing them out, so the u.s. is always going to be that disrupter, the interrupter and just pump and pump and pump
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and with trump coming on board, they're going to pump even more. >> that's not why prices have declined here recently. prices have declined because of the supply delay. >> we want to go to the white house. president trump is meeting with 15 members of the un security council. >> you know, thaerp i heard there were a lot of angry spouses. it's a great honor for those of you who weren't here. as you know, the united states holds the presidency of the security council this month, and i'm glad that we are continuing the tradition of host iing the council's ambassador's in our nation's capitol. it's a great honor, believe me. i want to thank ambassador nick
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yi ha nikki haley. she's doing a good job. does everybody like nicki? otherwise, she could easily be replaced. we won't do that. i promise. we won't do that. she's doing a fantastic job and everyone as we took pictures before, the friendship that you've dioped together, that's really a fantastic thing. the mission of the united nations and the u.n. security council is to maintain international peace and security. these are important aims and shared interests. but as we look around the world, it's clear that there's much work for you to achieve. we're going to be very but people over the coming months and years. our nation faces serious and growing threats and many of them stem from problems that have been unaddressed for far too long in fact, the united nations doesn't like taking on certain
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problems, but i have a feeling that the people in this room and nikki feels very, very strongly about taking on problems that people steered away from. i encourage the security council to come together and take action to counter these many threats. on syria, the council failed again to respond to syria's use of chemical weapons. a great disappointment. i was very disappointmented by that. the stat quo in north korea is is also unacceptable and the council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sapgss on north korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs. this is a real threat to the world. whether we want to talk about it or not. north korea is a big world problem. it's a problem we have to finally solve. people have put blindfolds on for decades and now, it's time to sloolve the problem.
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rt for the united nations to play a role, big reforms will be required. we must also take a close look at the un budget, costs have been i hear much less about the budget because you're talking about peanuts compared to the important work you're doing. the most important thing ever. i feel much different lit about it. we're talking pennies compared to the kind of lives and money that you'll be saving. the united states just one of 193 countries in the un. pays for 22% of the budget and almost 30% of the united nation's peace keeping, which is unfair. we need the member states to
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come together to eliminate inefficiency and bloat and to ensure that no one nation shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden, militarily or financially. and this is only fair to our taxpayers. i look forwrd to a productivity discussion about our shared role in keeping the peace, advancing reforms and getting everyone to do their fair share. i also wabt to say that i have long felt the united nations is an underp performer. but has tremendous potential. there are those people that think it's an underperforming will never perform. i think and i think especially i'm so happy with the job nikki is doing and our representatives, but nikki and the group and i see the relationship she's already developed. i think that the b united nations has tremendous potential. tremendous potential. far greater than what i would say any other candidate in the last 30 years would have even
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thought to say. i don't think it's -- i know it has -- a potential. i see a day when there's a conflict where the united nations, you get together and solve the conflict. you just don't see the united nations solving conflicts. i think that's going the start happening now. i can see it and the united states united nations will get together and solve conflicts. it won't be two countries. it will be b the united nations arbitrating those two countries. so i see fantastic potential and fantastic things ahead for the united nations and i have to say, it's a tremendous honor to know you and to meet you and c nikki has given me a briefing. and i'm a blunt person. she getses along with everybody in this room. i'll end by saying unless you would rather not do it, so, we have an office in the white house. you may have heard of it. the oval office.
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we'll go down as a group and take pictures in in oval office. i know you've never seen it. nobody seeps to gseems to get t see it much, but we're going to show you the oval office, so we'll go take some pictures and we'll have a good luncheon and talk b about the united nations and talk about peace. thank you all very much for being here. it's a great honor. >> president trump meeting with the 15 members of the u.n. security counsel. this happened moments ago, but president trump delivering sharp criticism of the u.n. in general. particularly when it comes to north korea and syria. eamon javers with the wrap. >> i think the white house would describe that as constructive cricket schiscriticism. the president would like to see other nations picking up the expenses of the u.n. and would like it to be more effective. you heard him lay out a broad vision for success of f the united nations, in which it
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mediates global conflicts. it's the uc.n. brought in to solve problems. i'd like to see them doing that in the future. so sort of a hopeful note there and some back handed compliment, but you also heard the president describing the north korea threat as a world problem. the president clearly very much wants to broaden out the group of countries that are responding to the north korea problem for the united states in terms of their nuclear -- we'll see whether that has resonance with this group o, which was ambassadors from the security council country heers y here in united states. >> thank you. report frg the white house for us. we in case you are just tuning in, are in the midst of a strong rally in the midst of the french rally. let's bring mohammed in. dwraet to have you with us. you heard president trump talking about the syrian chemical attack. about possible stronger sanctions against north korea.
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and here r we are, we've got this strong rally and you say risks from france are not lifted entirely. what do you mean? >> so first, i think the syst systemic risk is is lifted and it's interesting to see this very strong rally. even though the outcome was individually most likely outcome according to the market. so, why, first, you avoided a significant risk. had the second round includes the far right and left, le pen and -- it would have been very different. the small probability, high outcome event, we avoided that. second as said earlier in show. opinion polls proved right, which means you can have greater confidence in information you're getting and finally, let's not forget that the market has said for a long time, that whether it's france, korea, syria, russia, that the politics will not contaminate economics and that confirms it, so i think
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it's interesting that you're getting the rally, despite the fact that was the most likely, the highest expected outcome by markets. >> so, you believe mohammed that the fundamentals globally when it comes to growth here in the united states actually understood pin this market rally? it sounds like you're saying we should be able to walk right past some of these geo political risks that face us now, even when it comes to the ones we are looking ahead tochlt we've still got a possible government shutdown and we're going to hear the -- >> that's how the market is behaving. the it's seeing these as little land mines that walk around. i think the critical issue, because the market has a north star and it's important we get tlifry on that, which implementation of pro growth policies by the largest economy of the world, the u.s. so the market is looking past all these little land mines, hoping for tax reform. hoping for deregulation.
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hoping for infrastructure and hoping for an organization fed policy. >> we're going to leave it there. thanks so much for joining us. is this the right reaction? are these little land mines, are rediscounting too much the risks? >> i think we need to take a step back because what everyone is ignoring when looking at this policy risk, the world over the past five months has had the greatest acceleration of growth we have seen since the post financial recovery. and growth has been incredibly strong not only in the u.s., the european pmis hit a multihigh last week. its growth is driving this recovery. >> we are looking down the barrel of tightening around the world. >> we've had a strong growth acceleration. but the global economic expansion is is still very much in tact and we think it can go on another two to three years. making it the longest period that the u.s. has ever seen. if we look at the u.s. consumer,
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they're still at the early st l stages of the cycle and cap ex has just starteded to pick up. >> but sorry. >> i mean, this is for the entire desk. because we're talking about having accelerating global growth, we're talking about now removing the risk in europe surrounding the election. and everyone who looks at a u.s. ten-year 226 says wait a second, where's the global growth reflected andoh kay, we were told it was 226 because of capital flows in europe and concerns about the outcome of the election. the election is over now. 226. if we're getting this environment, we have no inflation impulse. >> we have growth without an inflation impulse. it's goldie locks. >> you're talking about the biggest spurt of growth we've ever seen. that's off a very low base.
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still very low growth. >> so what. >> it's about delta. >> you're 10 o 0% right. so what. everything is off. >> so what, you can't justify a multiple expansion. >> this is a relative creature, not absolute creatures. >> the most money is made when things are horrendous, but getting better before people start to realize. >> things aren't horrendous. >> no, no, things in europe over the last decade have been absolutely horrendous from every standpoint you could look at and europe is 25% of the world's equity market. >> are your stocks still cheap? a "wall street journal" article arguing that where the cheapness lies. it lies in oil stock, bank stock, the stuff people in general may not want to buy. >> globally, we have got to look at where stocks are now. valuations have crept up. but in this environment we've seen, it's really a type for selectivity. u.s. stocks have run quite high.
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otherwise, it's really between investors to look globally. european stocks are still valued in absolute terms. and in relative term, certainly relative to the u.s. and relative to bonds in the market. >> in one key regard, you have to be selective here and it's because of, it is in part, josh, what you were saying you should the heading of so what. the market not only is relative, but it looks ahead quite a bit. so everything you're saying about synchronized growth, everything we're talking, rob, you're talking about earnings growth, that was priced in coming out last august. you know, that was when we were talking about the end of the earnings recession. we need something more for the market to break out of a range here. i don't think we're going to get it. >> i think that you guys brought up an interesting point. being selective versus not. >> here's the danger. >> quite frankly, vgk is all of europe including switzerland.
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it's up 25%. >> hold on, josh. >> here's the darnger with your thought process. >> i've been short a stock. >> you should get your pen and paper. it's a lesson you may not are have learned here. >> i haven't been short a stock in a long, long, long time. i got a lot of cash in the market. a lot of cash in the market. but it can't always be it's up to the ride, it's going to keep going up to the right. buy everything. don't -- >> buy when it's down. >> no, you keep saying buy everything. >> i'm the only person on this desk. i won't pound it because it's glass, not wood. i am the only person on this desk talking about you must be global last year. you must by europe and all i have heard from people -- >> that's not true. >> this year, the it's band wagon. >> it's actually, not true. >> from guests, from panelists. on twitter.
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>> break it up. >> i agree with -- >> hold the tape. i agree with jim in the u.s. i think you have to be more selective. when you're talking about the euro zone, where profits have lagged by 55%, you're starting to see green schuetttes in the euro zone. i also think when you look broadly at the market, what an amazing amount of resilience in the face of north korea, syria. french elections. potential government shutdown. now, you have all that. and still, markets are up. >> doesn't the price action -- >> hold on. you're not hearing the thought. the thought is the amount of cash on the sidelines is going to find its way into
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international markets in a broad-based way in more expensive markets in the u.s. >> but rob, you're man angel lging money for clients over the last five to six year, most have hidden in the fixed income market. what you're suggesting right now is that, is that the moment that we're at? out of fixed income. into international. into domestic equities. >> we've made moves out of fixed income, yes. that is a fact. we've done that. >> but rob, i would have expect gd your answer to be no, the shift i'm making is from passive indexing to active. if you're being select i have. ive? the u.s., that's case. international, i think you can be much more broad-based. >> i want to ask about allocation. >> i disagree with just being
12:24 pm
bros based internationally. developed market wise, japan is hugely undervalued. it's the most in global growth, so japan sw the place b to be followed by europe then we get to the u.s. market, which is trading on a secretly adjusteded pe of p30 times. >> you're overweight ek pities and cash b? >> that's right. >> the reason, we're going to broad asset allocation, where overweight cash or underweight fixed income. real assets being commodities, but we think the bear market has further to go there. drop 25% in the last few months, so we can see equities are the place to be to take advantage of this growth expansion, but if we look at where we are on say cash and money market for a fixed income, clearly, we know that in this environment, rates are going up, so it's not the time to be in fixed income, certainly not in the belly of the curve from three to seven years. >> thank you for joining us.
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>> these guys have to cool you have off. here's what's coming up. >> buffalo wild wings strikes back against activist nick mcguire. the next round in this escalating fight is next. plus, a big upgrade for a key name in the regional banking industry. time to get back in? before the break, our partners an kensho looking at what happens when the volatility index falls 20% or many in the past week when bought at the start of the drop for the vix and sold a week later, the nasdaq is the big winner. up 5%. s&p, 3.7%. sector, financials, materials, and consumer discreche nash score the best. for many, go to online u.s. equity trades... ♪ realize the smartest investing idea,
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this is a company that has reach ed a state of scale and i order to get the company back on the right path, we need a management team that's more well suited to the challenges of f the company. >> that was mick mcguire on the halftime report last week
12:29 pm
calling for changes to buffalo wild wings' management board. they were firing back. leslie has the latest. >> hey, melissa. right. the proxy battle has officially begun at buffalo wild wings, the company filed its materials with regulators this morning, urging investors to vote for its slate of nine directors including sally smith. this comes after mercado filed a competing slate last week with four directors and dauled for the rez ration. the ceo of cti foods is on both slates. at the heart is whether the board has done enough. the company has refreshed the board, opted for a more franchised based model and increased their repurchase program, but mcguire told me last week, those actions were quote, window dressing around the edges. that failed to address other issues like traffic, comp store sales and operating margins.
12:30 pm
they say today, quote, mar caddo has provided no plan for sustainable growth. >> thank you very much. shifting gears now to the financials. keycorp rallying today after piper jaffray upgraded. the bank has a significant amount of positive momentum that should translate into several quarters. this is our call of the day, but really brings up a larger question and that's about the regionals in general. you see the regionals in today's session really outperformed the bigger banks. >> i will tell you as it relates to the regional banks, a lot has to do with technicals. we keep talking about financial, that is not the case. the case of keycorp, you're look at a stock now that has rallied significantly from around $16 on election day up towards $19. this is a company that has diversified itself from retail
12:31 pm
banking into a financial services company that is doing commercial lending and is improving its balance sheet and also its earnings vizsiblevisib. this is a stock i believe -- i like keycorp specifically because i think keycorp is hitting on all the metrics and can can continue to improve itself. regions financial has been a name i've played. that has been disappointing. i got taken out of the that stock again. using technicals on a lot of these regionals. >> so, they've done well more recently. we prefer the large integrateds. the market activity come frg the cyclical reacceleration we're seeing and when you have better margin, you have better volume, you're going to get better results. we prefer the large. >> there's also a feeling out there that the compromise rolling back dodd frank will not be rolling back the regulations on the big banks, but rather the
12:32 pm
small banks, where you have the really onerous regulatory issues that cost them a ton. they can't be competitive at all. >> i'm more partial to the big money center banks. for a specific reason. financials in general are going to be set to outperform. t not so much the expense. that's not what worries me. it's most of these regional, they have something about them. signature bank has a big taxi license medallion franchise. managi don't think you need to that id owe sin cattic risk when you get a good run from good money center banks like a citi. >> more expensive. >> so, you want to be in this em. >> i see no reason to. fit bit. wisconsin woman suffering second degree burns after her fit bit tracker exploded. that's never a good product feature. weiss.
12:33 pm
>> yeah, look, fitbit, i think it's a fad any way. i haven't budget the stock. been short for a little bit long time ago. see no reason. it's a fad. >> american airlines apologizing on saturday to the female passenger involved in an on board clash with an employee over a stroller. that employee has been suspended. another black eye for the airline industry. >> it is. you have the lawyer for the doctor in the unit eed case now representing the woman. listen, i think this is going to be, you don't want to call it ambulance chasing. >> airplane chasing is another way you could put it. in terms of invesing in the lines, it's looking at these niche carriers. jet blue is a name josh owns. i believe it will hit on all metrics. delta works as well. i'd avoid the larger carriers. being exposed to this con tin
12:34 pm
youl social backlash. >> next up, hasbro bheet booeting on the top and bottom line. >> for five years now, the stock has chug ged hire. it's been swhabt sporadic and sketchy, that price hike along the way though, so i think you need to pick your spots. also bear in mind, this quarter is like 15% of the year for them, so it's not necessarily the one that matters. it's a very good stock, but i'd like to buy it lower than here. >> next up, amazon's price target has been raised to 1250 from $900. josh. >> i geiss they like it. so, they were going to rrt on thursday. when they were reporting this same quarter last year, the stock was like 600 something and it was like we were looking at the valuation and bla bla bla. i don't own this. i might buy it. i'm hoping they have a quote unquote disappointing quarter and comes in 175 points. which is what it's done in the november reporting period. if you're dying to be b in it,
12:35 pm
you jump all over it. if they report a great quarter thursday, i think you have to say say la vee. the it's just been so strong. it's such an intimidating first purchase. in the tech sector. that's how i see it. >> speaking of technology, is the best performing sector here to date. overweight. sxwl largest overeight along with the m. we haven't seen a lot of earnings come through yet. only 20% of the sector is reporting by way of market cap, but it's clear, if you're not involved in technology, you're not spending on your business, you're going to get completely disintermediated. look at some of the changes that have happeneded. >> so, you would by the sector today. >> 100%. >> new all time high google right now. you know. microsoft about to do it. very, very, very broad what's happen ng this space. >> very broad. four biggest companies op the -- >> they're big market caps. aadobe. new all time record high today. we almost never talk about it. very quietly.
12:36 pm
>> last week at this level. >> people watching the show have never even heard of that are making new highs. >> lastly, sherwin williams rall lig. let's bring in carrie. joining us from boston. you just added to your position, why? >> we did. well, we had recently sold newell, another consumer discretionary and bought sherwin because it doesn't have the level of discretion. they own the manufacturing, the production of the paint and the scorers. by the way, you cannot disrupt paint by amazon because paint doesn't fly. it's not allowed to be on aircraft. it also is regulated how far you can transport paint cans, so it's a local business which they control in 4200 company owned stores. that's more than home depot and
12:37 pm
louis together. the earnings are good. we like this stock here. >> who knew paint couldn't fly. stay right there. going get more from you as we hit the broker stocks. much more halftime in two minutes. hey gary, what are you doing? oh hey john, i'm connecting our brains so we can share our amazing trading knowledge. that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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the following stocks hitting highs today -- all five are members of the cnbc index, which is up over 20%. for more on the index and stocks in it, go to b cnbc 100. welcome back. there's a battle brewing in the
12:41 pm
brockers. is now the time to buy? >> hey tlrks. brokerage firms have been in an ongoing pricing war which heated up in late february when several firms slashed prices in quick succession. fidelity, charles schwab all cutting fees. michael noting the loss in revenue held to the bottom line. shares of td aameritrade up slightly less than half a perce percent. charles schwab down about 3%. e*trade, the most recent firm so lower fees is down. long also saying he's skeptical that all of the announcements increased the whole pie by causing a significant amount of new clients to open accounts and all three of these stocks are trading up today. back to you. >> thank you very much. let's trade the brokers, back to
12:42 pm
carrie. i know you've been in schwab. how are their fairing? >> schwab drives only 9% of revenue from trading, which is interesting since people think of it as a discount uing trading company. two biggest business individuals and registered investment advisers. we like the earnings. we think they're on a trajectory to grow 5 to 6% and a little known fact just like paint not being able to fly is that they have a higher margin in sweep ing cash into their bank and that can add growth over the next few years so they can really start to produce a lot of free cash flow. >> josh brown is on the same page. why not the other ones? >> well, i don't mind td. fidelity hasn't traded publicly. schwab is the king for wealth
12:43 pm
management. the point just made. right. i'm a customer of schwab, otd aameritrade. both on the institutional side. people very rarely get rid of their custodian. especially older people. if they're working with schwab, we let them keep the account because there are passwords, all sord sorts of things that people prefer to leave. that's a great business, so what schwab is doipg is they're c cutting fees on things like etf indexes, which is now free. they know once they get the money there, b it's extraordinarily sticky. once they get people like me, it's sticky, so they'll smart to do that and i think they have a huge advantage over something loick an e*trade that's not really a player in ra. >> schwab is the crown jewel. over the last couple of year, there's been more questions about it being acquired eacqui.
12:44 pm
goldman sachs would love to take that asset base. >> you're not in. >> i've beeny it quite a bit. with it at 40, i think it's a bit expensive, but both and carrie are right when you talk the entire financial services industry, you're looking a t the opportunity for significant. >> thanks for joining us. from boston p b. 22nd annual conference kicks off in two weeks with some of the top investment minds. the cofounder will join us next.
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in two week, some of the most legendary money managers on the planet will present their ideas in new york city. this year's lineup includes bill ackman, david einhorn, jeffrey gunlock and much, much more.
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cnbc will be there covering all the action. the best part is that the conference is to help fight against pediatric cancer. here with a sneak peek is one of the founders. also joined by mark row, who had the opportunity to pitch his top fick to the audience last year. we welcome you. mark, i'll start with you since it's not too often we get a short idea that works out. tell us about dex con. and whether you're still in this trade. >> still in trade. i think the it's a great opportunity, but really, the short thesis is predicated on competition and the market really appreciate iing the opportunity and those combinations have led to an aggressive lal vegas. >> a lot are positive they're going to the second half of the year because the reimbursement environment in the u.k. and france is going to be a lot better. >> that's right, but also the 6 70 g should be out and hiing the
12:49 pm
market. with this kind of valuation, a revenue miss will be the catalyst. >> evan, the sohn conference the place where ideas like this are shared. tell us about the conference itself, what's behind it. and also, some of the ideas that have come out of it? >> it's great. first of all, thank you, melissa and to b cnbc for your continued partnership on a global basis. we've been doing this for 22 years. my brother died when he was 29 years old. he was a wall street trader. his colleagues and friends, doug, dan and lance approached my family with doing something to commemorate my brother who really lived his life really in the purest fashion. we started this investment conference. 22 years ago. with 70 people attending 22 years egg and now, we get thousands of peep. we've expanded really around the globe and the proceeds go for pediatric cancer and other childhood related diseases. >> it's a fan ttastic cause,
12:50 pm
really a star studded lineup. this year, every year you've done this conference. >> it's really incredible. i always say people come year after year for the content and write the check for the charity. but what's really incredible is that it really moves markets an. while you are covering it live, being there is really a real experience. so invite your whole audience. >> i remember being there last year and we had a couple short ideas presented. you saw the stocks fall immediately once those headlines started crossing. i want to bring up the chart interday because we are seeing reaction in that stock as well as we are speaking. so, marc, are you going to present again? >> not this year. >> what's next? >> not this year. but actually we've encouraged all of the first years at columbia to get in. it's an incredible opportunity but supports an amazing cause. hopefully we get another columbia student up there. >> we have a lot of hedge fund managers also participating in the idea contest.
12:51 pm
glg works with the finalist. >> and some of these luminaries are the judges. do you hear them taking some of these ideas and putting them to work in the portfolios? >> anything can happen at the conference. >> good answer. again, take a look at shares of dexcom. you're still short? marc grow and evan sohn, thank you so much. there's still time to sign up for this year's investment idea contest. the deadline is wednesday, april 26. go to to sign up. your earnings game plan is straight ahead. one of the busiest weeks of 190 s&p companies reporting. the top stocks to watch are coming up. look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing.
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just a gentle reminder time to sign up for the investment idea contest, deadline is this wednesday, april 26. go to sohnconference.c joe, what's on the top of your watch list? >> i'm going back to jetblue and highlight the opportunity they have to present themselves in a fashion quite different than the big airline carriers. i think they'll talk about their overbooking strategy and they'll differentiate themselves from american and united. josh will be happy. >> i hope you're right for sure. >> will you be happy? >> never happy.
12:58 pm
i own google, don't call it alphabet. i really feel that google is destined to be a four-digit name. >> thursday will be crazy. >> it's a crazy week overall. american airlines is reporting. i still think ultimate ly they sell it. i think it's still in the sweet spot. all weeklong is a very busy week. >> there's a stock i sold this quarter, boeing. that's actually the one i'm most interested in now because that's the one that has so many moving parts that it could miss, have a big variation from what expectation expectations are. you've got things like emirates airlines announcing its cutting back flights in response to trump's travel ban. they have 150777-xs on order. that's what i'm watching.
12:59 pm
>> quick, rob, you're watching a sector. would that be technology? >> technology is a great sector, but if i were to buy today i would think xle. xlf had run too much by the time we got in and longer term i have to agree with josh i like vgk. i think that's a great place to be. >> to the final trades, josh. >> i want to reiterate schwab. i think that this is like a $50 stock in the guise of a $39 stock. if you're anywhere near financial services it's so apparent to you how central they are to everything going on right now. >> jim? >> i'm long alphabet as well, josh. when they report, does this whole thing about the add placement come through this quarter? if the stock goes down, i'm buying more. i think you have to own this stock. >> i'm not buying anything today. >> really? >> a big week of reporting earnings. >> are you selling anything? >> i'm not.
1:00 pm
i trimmed a little today but it's a big earnings quarter. i'm going to wait for something to fall out of bed and i'll buy it then. >> you have the 97, 98, 99 coming up. back to the conversation before brokerage and asset management, i like it. >> thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> "power lunch" starts right now. yes, it does, melissa. thanks very much. we'll see you in a minute. i'm tyler mathisen. welcome, everybody. here is what is on your menu. election elation. markets around the world rallying on the back of that first-round voting in france. has a major risk been removed from the market, or is it a case of not so fast, folks? tax package has been promised. what will be in it? and will congress be able to avoid a government shutdown ahead of president trump's 100th day in office mark on saturday? and forget united, folks. there is another airline


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